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Through our products and services, we are committed to comprehensive protection against Microbial Threats.

Complete Protection Against Bacteria and Viruses

Your Safety Is Our


Stop the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses with Preventative Sterile Solutions LLC. Our Milwaukee-based company offers a range of My-Shield products to disinfect and sanitize surfaces, including hand sanitizers, surface cleaners, and more.


Our products utilize FDA-registered Nano-Spear Technology powered by Zetrisil, ensuring effective germ elimination. Suitable for commercial and household use, they offer peace of mind wherever you go.

Our team also offers commercial and residential electrostatic disinfection services that protect surfaces from harmful germs for up to 28 days with just one application. This EPA-approved service is guaranteed to kill 99.999% of viruses and bacteria.


Stay safe and protected from harmful diseases. Contact us today for a free quote or estimate.

Electrostatic spray surface cleaning is an electrostatically charged mist on surfaces and objects. The spray contains positively charged particles that can aggressively adhere to surfaces and objects.


  • Atomized droplets pass on electrodes inside the nozzle. Positively charged electrons are attached to the droplets.

  • The droplets will reverse direction and move against gravity to coat even hidden surfaces.

  • The positively charged droplets are in an air stream toward the surface. The droplets are magnetically attracted to the surface since the surface has a natural negative charge.

  • Electrostatic disinfecting begins to work when sprayed. The surfaces should remain wet with applied solutions for at least 2 minutes to allow appropriate dwell time.

Electrostatic Sanitization 

How it works...

Preventative Sterile Solutions LLC

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