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Purchase sanitizing soaps, body sprays, hand foams, surface cleaners, and laundry additives from us.

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Our products at Preventative Sterile Solutions LLC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin offer protection against microbes. Place an order today or contact us for more information. We cater to all customers in the Midwest.


Product Description

Laundry Complete

Use it as an additive to your everyday washing needs. This product sanitizes, softens, and deodorizes any machine-washable fabric and keeps protecting it for up to 28 days.


Sanitizing Soap, Hand Foam, Body Spray, and Gel

These provide up to 4 hours of protection against germs (continuous kill). Their alcohol-free formulation kills 99.99% of harmful germs and moisturizes hands with aloe vera.

Corporate Pricing

Laundry Complete

5 gallons - $338.00

55 gallons - $955.77

Sanitizing Soap

5 gallons - $284.00

55 gallons - $921.12

Sanitizing Body Spray

5 gallons - $350.00

55 gallons - $1,290.91

Sanitizing Hand Foam

5 gallons - $376.00

55 gallons - $1,424.22

Surface Cleaner

5 gallons - $435.00

55 gallons - $1,476.80

55 gallons with 12-month contract - $1,033.76

Wall Mount Bulk Wipes Dispenser

800 ct. - $106.99 per unit/with wipes

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